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Arvita Zyferi – Hashani

Arvita Zyferi – Hashani has been assistant Auditor General at National Audit Office since 2017. She is currently responsible for the audit of Publicly-Owned Enterprises and of some budget organisations.

Zyferi – Hashani has ten years of experience in audit, of which six years in managerial positions. In 2010, she was employed as an auditor at National Audit Office. Her career has started in 2009 when she was hired by the Commercial Bank “TEB J.S.C.”, in credit cards sector.

She is a graduate economist, a private and public sector certified auditor and she holds the title of Master of Sciences on Public Policies and Management. In 2015, she was licensed by the Kosova Chamber of Commerce as Appraiser of Immovable Property. She has attended many professional trainings in accounting, audit and public administration, and has participated in many international conferences and seminars.