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11 June 2021

“Young politicians” paid a study visit to NAO

Vizita ne ZKA 1 11.06.2021

About thirty students of youth forums of all political parties paid a study visit to the National Audit Office on Friday. They were received in a meeting by the Auditor General of Kosovo, Besnik Osmani and his collaborators.

This visit was enabled by the Balkans Group as part of the Program “Youth in Politics” aims to train and build the capacities of young people active in political parties in Kosovo in areas such as rule of law, public policy, good governance, economic development and social policies, education policies, regional cooperation, etc.

The Auditor General, Besnik Osmani, had a conversation with the young politicians to whom he explained the role, mission, and the way the National Audit Office operates, as well as other details about audit reports preparation process.

Osmani said that the NAO audits public funds to assure taxpayers that their money is being used economically, that financial reporting is true, and decisions are in accordance with legal requirements.

The Auditor General highlighted the importance of implementing the recommendations given by NAO and their impact on strengthening good governance and accountability.

Young politicians expressed their interested in being more informed about the implementation of the audit process; key findings, and their impact on the overall level of governance country wise.