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27 May 2021

The auditor requires from the municipalities to improve the management of projects funded by the Municipal Performance Grant


Thursday, the National Audit Office (NAO) published the performance audit report “Projects funded by the Municipal Performance Grant for fiscal year 2019”. The grant is co-financed by the Swiss Foundation in Kosovo/Municipal Decentralisation and Support Project as well as the Ministry of Local Government Administration.

The audit objective was to assess whether expenditures and management of Grant-funded projects complied with the donors’ requirements and whether intended results have been achieved. Grants given by the Ministry of Local Government Administration and Municipalities of Prizren, Gllogoc, Vushtrri, Viti, Shtërpcë and Obiliq were subject to this audit.

Audit results show that the audited institutions have, in general, applied the procurement procedures in force as provided by the requirements of this Grant; the allocated funds have been spent on capital projects and the intended purpose; and that citizens are satisfied with the investments made through these projects.

However, the audit has identified some shortcomings that need to be improved in order to maximize the benefit of Grants. One of these shortcomings is the lack of a standard process for receiving requests from citizens, reviewing them, and prioritising municipal investment needs. Initiation of procurement procedures was delayed as well. Economic Operators were not provided with suitable working conditions, and there was a case when the operator was ineligible for the contract.

Regarding this audit, the Auditor General, Besnik Osmani, assessed that the Municipal Performance Grant in general has helped municipalities in achieving strategic objectives and has achieved its main goal by providing better municipal services to citizens. But, the audited municipalities pay more attention to the contract management monitoring process to maximize the targeted outcomes.

The National Audit Office has recommended the audited municipalities to improve the projects management process, starting with timely initiation of procurement procedures over to completion of projects within the contracted deadline.

This audit was carried out under the agreement between the National Audit Office and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (through Decentralisation and Municipal Support).

You may read the report in the following link.