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04 October 2021

NAO audits in the new audit season about to include topics of interest to the public

Temat e reja 2021

National Audit Office’s audits remain focused on strengthening the accountability, transparency and integrity of the Government and public sector entities this audit season as well.

Pursuant to its constitutional and legal mandate, the Auditor General Vlora Spanca has decided to carry out performance and compliance audits in selected institutions and publicly owned enterprises to the interest of the Assembly of Kosovo and of the improvement of services to citizens.

Carrying out these audits is important and in the public interest, despite the difficulties caused by the Covid-19 virus and however challenging this might be for the NAO.

“Audit effects might not be noted at once, but having actual audits might be of assistance for the country to recover from the crises” the Auditor General Vlora Spanca said.

In addition to other performance and compliance audits, the following audits will be carried out in this audit season:

  • Audit of financial and operational performance of Trepça POE;
  • Audit of capital projects for investments made by Kosovo Electricity Transmission, System and Market Operator – KOSST j.s.c.;
  • Audit of public contracts in the Kosovo Energy Corporation – KEC;
  • Audit of public funds to the Radio Television of Kosovo, with emphasis on human resources including: regular staff, engagement of external collaborators and outsourcing of local programs; and
  • Audit of the capital project “City Union” in Ferizaj Municipality.

Audits have been selected based on material and social relevance, problem indicators and risk assessments, public interest, impact on economic development, public procurement and media reporting. The purpose of these audits is to assess whether public institutions and enterprises have achieved good results, and whether the public broadcaster has spent public money in accordance with the legal framework and to the interest of taxpayers.

In this regard, the Auditor General, Vlora Spanca stated that these audits aim at strengthening the accountability, transparency and integrity of the Government and other public sector entities to spend public funds economically, effectively and efficiently.