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26 May 2021

Committee for Oversight of Public Finances deliberated KNAO’s Annual Performance Report for 2020


KNAO’s Annual Performance Report for 2020 was discussed by the Standing Committee for Oversight of Public Finance on Wednesday. On this occasion, the Auditor General, Besnik Osmani made a detailed presentation of activities, achievements and challenges of the NAO during 2020, and responded to the interest of MPs for the issues raised.

Osmani said that despite the fact that year 2020 has been quite a challenging one due to the Covid-19 pandemic, NAO managed to fulfil all statutory requirements and deadlines by strengthening the audit quality and coverage. “During 2020 we carried out regularity audits (financial and compliance) which is the highest number of audit since the establishment of NAO. We audited 95 budget organisations at an overall budget of around €2.5 billion; 14 publicly owned enterprises mainly covering the areas of telecommunication, water supply, and waste management; 8 performance audits focusing on complex topics; and 9 donor funded projects,” Osmani said. He also said that that NAO has further extended its impact through practical recommendations, where a slight progress in implementation of audit recommendations has been noted.

He said that in parallel, NAO has updated the manuals and working papers in accordance with International Standards on Auditing and good international practices and has digitalised the audit work process and launched the e-audit system SITA, which will reduce the audit time, increase the audit quality and assurance, and strengthen transparency. In cooperation with civil society organisations, the media, and international partners, NAO has prepared the communication strategy, as an essential tool for promoting good practices, accountability and increasing transparency.

The Auditor General of the Republic of Kosovo, Besnik Osmani, informed the MPs with one the greatest achievements of NAO at international level during 2020 that is the NAO’s integration as a full rights member in two international organisations, the International Organisation of Supreme Audit Institutions (INTOSAI) and the European Organisation of Supreme Audit Institutions (EUROSAI). “NAO’s integration to international organisations constitutes the greatest success in the history of external audit in the public sector of the Republic of Kosovo,” Osmani said.

While presenting the Annual Performance Report, the Auditor General, Besnik Osmani assured the Committee’s members that NAO will fulfil its constitutional and legal mandate by providing the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo with quality and professional audits.

Members of the Committee for Oversight of Public Finance made numerous questions and remarks in deliberating the NAO’s Annual Performance Report for 2020.

For more details, please read the report at the link.