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15 October 2020

Audit Information System SITA, enables complete digitalisation of audit work

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NAO launches the audit management electronic system – SITA

 The National Audit Office (NAO) has marked another achievement regarding the audit work digitalisation process. Following intensive engagement and committed work, we have managed to fully develop and test the audit management electronic system called the Audit Information System-SITA[1].

SITA is a system owned by the National Audit Office and is developed based on the respective audit methodology applied by NAO. This system is an excellent tool to apply audit methodology more effectively, to increase productivity, and to guarantee quality particularly in complex audits which require high assurance and adherence to the standards, laws, and regulations.

The Audit Information System will particularly enable auditors to have automatic access to needed information in a short time, use a number of methods, and make effective and efficient audit calculations compared to traditional working methods.

Since January this year, dozens of working sessions have been held by NAO’s persons in charge, aimed at analysing and discussing in details all the working papers for all types of audits before they are uploaded in the system.

In addition to the formal testing of system functionalities, the selected audit teams have also conducted detailed testing of each module, by practicing the entire audit cycle in key points. The testing lasted several days and provided the assurance that the system can be further implemented in real work, and that its introduction will facilitate the work of auditors to a great extent and will increase the quality and transparency of work processes.

To close the preparatory cycle for the new audit season and ensure effective use of the system, from 5 to 16 October, auditors are attending intensive online training to enable easier transition to the new working method. During training, auditors have the opportunity get acquainted with the materials (follow instructions and prepared videos), to perform practical exercises and to discuss with the trainers or with each other.

After all these preparations and set-wise activities, the National Audit Office will start the new audit year 2020/2021 by implementing the electronic audit system, which has enabled complete digitalisation of all audit work for all audit stages.

The Audit Information System – SITA has been developed by the consortium ‘Infosoft Systems’ in Prishtina and ‘Enter doo’ Ohrid with a high professionalism by providing solutions and adapting the system to any particular requests. Each developed module has been presented following its implementation into the system and every benefit and upgrades system functions provided for the audit work have been assessed. A considerable part of the work has be done during the pandemic and it has been quite challenging for the team to successfully implement a project of this size through teleworking.

In developing this project, the National Audit Office has also been supported by USAID.

[1] The name SITA coincides with NAO’s official logo, a symbol of visual identity the Office is represented with