The Auditor General and National Audit Office ensure objectivity and institutional independence by exercising the mandate stipulated in the Constitution and the law as well as in line with the professional audit standards and the internal code of ethics and professional conduct.

The National Audit Office, on an annual basis, carries out a statutory regularity audit of the Budget of the Government of Kosovo; all Budget Organisations receiving budget through the annual budget law, Publicly owned Enterprises, Performance audits and has the right to perform at any time other audits other than regularity audits for funds provided by the budget for an institution or organisation; public funds for public-private partnerships; borrowings; and loans and obligations guaranteed by public sector entities.

Reports of the Office of the Auditor General directly promote accountability and provide a solid basis to hold the managers of any budget organization into account. In this way we enhance our trust in spending public funds and play an active role in ensuring the interest of taxpayers and other stakeholders in enhancing public accountability.

The Mission “Through quality audits we strengthen accountability in public administration for an effective, efficient and economic use of national resources“.