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31 December 2020

Training and building of human capacities remains one of the NAO priorities

Lajmi per EVP

As the end of 2020 is approaching, the Auditor General, Besnik Osmani, and the Director of Communication and Professional Development, Saranda Husaj Baraliu, delivered the Certificates of Continuing Vocational Education to Ramadan Gashi and Donjtë Dreshaj who received them on behalf of the employees during a symbolic event.

Training and building of human remains one of the NAO key priorities as that contributes to better quality, higher professionalism, and more organised approach to work.

To this end, NAO has been continuously focused on Continuing Vocational Education (CVE), aiming at the development of knowledge and competence of each NAO employee through on-the-job and external training.

Recognising the importance of investing in this area, NAO has entered into agreements with professional associations to provide training sessions to all financial auditors in order to strengthen their professional competence. NAO employees shall attend mandatory CVE trainings each year.

During 2020, a number of professional development related activities and trainings have been held.