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18 January 2021

The second stage of training on Implementation of the Updated Methodology on Financial and Compliance Audit

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As part of the twinning Project on Further Strengthening the Kosovo National Audit Office Impact, the second stage of the two-week training for the NAO auditors started. This training is about the implementation of the updated methodology during the audit execution stage.

The training, which is being held online, aims at developing knowledge and strengthening internal capacities on the implementation of the audit methodology in line with the International Standards of Supreme Audit Institutions.

This activity takes place following the first training stage held in September last year focusing on the audit planning stage.

The twinning project on Further Strengthening the Kosovo National Audit Office Impact aims at upgrading the audit methodology, improving the audit quality, and strengthening of the NAO impact through implementation of the audit recommendations by the auditees.

This is an EU-funded project, implemented by the Supreme Audit Office of Poland.