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04 September 2019

The National Audit Office intensifies the cooperation with civil society organisations

Tryeza me shoqerine civile 01

The National Audit Office (NAO) has organised a roundtable with civil society and professional audit associations, with the aim at identifying and discussing relevant and priority topics that will be included in the Annual Performance Audit Plan.

The Auditor General, Mr. Besnik Osmani highlighted that NAO’s cooperation and communication with citizens through partnerships with civil society organizations and professional audit associations is very important. Through these organizations, citizens are provided with full access to contribute to an increased accountability and responsibility of public officials.

Moreover, Mr. Osmani encouraged the attendees to disclose the identified challenges that our society is facing as well as the difficulties public institutions face in fulfilling their duties which affect their performance and consequently impact on services offered to citizens and their welfare in general.

Mrs. Vlora Spanca, Assistant Auditor General presented the methodology and process of selecting performance audit topics as well as the audit topics identified by the NAO for the 2019/2020 audit season.

The attending representatives of civil society organisations expressed their willingness to cooperate with the NAO and commended its contribution to the strengthening of accountability and enhancing of transparency in public administration. They have expressed their opinions on the topics selected by the NAO and put forward their proposals on new topics that could be audited by the NAO in the following season.

The National Audit Office preserves a meaningful and effective dialogue with stakeholders at a regular basis in order to ensure greater impact of audit results.

Such meetings with civil society organisations help the NAO identify potential areas where improvement and more efficiency in the performance of budget organizations is need. Active engagement of civil society has a positive impact on audited entities to implement audit recommendations.