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01 March 2021

The cycle of trainings for the implementation of the updated methodology in financial and compliance auditing is completed

Lajmi për përfundimin e trajnimit

Today, as part of the Twinning Project on Further Strengthening the Impact of the Kosovo National Audit Office, implementation of the last phase of the training program on implementation of the audit reporting phase methodology started.

The training program on implementation of the updated financial and compliance audit methodology was split in three parts/modules. This program is being implemented by the experts of the Polish Supreme Audit Institution as part of the component on Updating the Audit Manuals (financial and compliance) and Working Papers in Line with ISSAIs. All auditors of KNAO are attending this trainings, which is hold online due to the pandemic situation.

In the three-week training held in the first part in September 2020, auditors gained knowledge about the implementation of the methodology for audit planning in general and in detail. The two-week training held in the second part in January 2021 included the implementation of methodology in the execution phase. The third part will include audit reporting. At the end of the training, all auditors will be tested and provided with a certificate.

In addition to group trainings, selected pilot audit teams have been mentored and provided with the possibility to talk to experts regarding the methodology implementation in actual audits. Knowledge gained was shared with other audit teams.

In addition to this, the whole audit staff will hold trainings on the implementation of the Compliance Audit Manual during May.

The Twinning Project Further Strengthening the Impact of the Kosovo National Audit Office serves to upgrade the audit methodology, increase the audit quality, and strengthen the impact of the National Audit Office through the implementation of audit recommendations by the auditees.