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03 May 2019

The Auditor General, Besnik Osmani Visited the “Xhevdet Doda” Gymnasium in Prishtina and Donated Computer Equipment for the Needs of the School

Vizita ne gjimnazin Xhevdet Doda

Upon the donation, the Auditor General, Mr. Besnik Osmani said it was a symbolic act to support and to express the solidarity with the efforts of the teaching staff and students in learning new knowledge, and to a certain extent improving their working conditions.

On the other hand, the Principal of the Gymnasium “Xhevdet Doda”, Mr. Azem Jaha expressed his gratitude for this donation, stressing that the donation is more than welcome and will serve the students of this school.

The equipment is second hand, and with the help of IT experts from the National Audit Office the equipment has become fully operational, extending its useful life to an optimal time and can meet all the needs of students.

This activity is being carried out within the framework of the National Audit Office’s programme to understand better the importance of auditing and raise public awareness to hold public authorities to account for implementing recommendations as well as to express the need for better quality education in Kosovo.