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10 May 2019

Strengthening cooperation between Parliaments and Supreme Audit Institutions to improve external audit performance

Bashkepunimi mes Parlamenteve dhe SAI

On May 9- 10 in Tirana, the Auditor General Besnik Osmani, together with representatives from the National Audit Office, participated in the Regional Conference of Supreme Audit Institutions and Network of Parliamentary Committees for Economy Finance and European Integration of Western Balkan, organized by the World Bank and OECD/SIGMA.

Participants in this conference were members of Parliaments and representatives from Supreme Audit Institutions of the Western Balkan countries. On behalf of the Kosovo Parliament attended the Chairperson of the Committee for Oversight of Public Finance, Driton Selmanaj and first Deputy Chairperson of the Committee on Budget and Finance, Safete Hadërgjonaj.

Main topic of the conference was “Strengthening Parliamentary relations and Supreme Audit Institutions to improve the performance of external audit in the Western Balkan countries”. Participants exchanged experiences of their countries concerning the role of Parliaments and respective Committees for oversight of public finances, the issue of reviewing audit reports and the main cooperation and challenges faced by SAIs and Parliaments in establishing a more effective relationship.

In the process of cooperation between the NAO and Parliamentary committees, was considered that in Kosovo there is an ongoing process and good cooperation between NAO and two Parliamentary committees, the Committee on Oversight of Public Finances and the Committee on Budget and Finance. In order to increase the accountability in the public sector and increase the impact of audit reports, was discussed on the  manner in which the Parliament analyses audit reports and application of the mechanism to follow up implementation of audit recommendations by Parliamentary committees.

Other topics of discussion and exchange of experiences within the conference related to challenges and solutions for accountability and strengthening of financial accountability. In the conference were handled with special emphasis issues related to independence of Supreme Auditing Institutions, review of audit reports, follow up of recommendations in audit reports, etc.

In this conference by NAO, besides the Auditor General participated also the Assistant Auditor General, Mr. Naser Arllati, Saranda Husaj Baraliu and Violeta Smajlaj by the Department of Communication and International Cooperation in Audit.