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25 March 2021

Regional cooperation focusing on capacity building for performance audits

Lajmi 24.03.2021

As part of regional cooperation and for the purpose of developing performance audits capacities and preparing for the third project of parallel audits, the Swedish National Audit Office has launched the e-learning training program for the Supreme Audit Institutions of the Western Balkans and Turkey. The National Audit Office of Kosovo is part of this program through the participation of performance auditors, Alba Keqa and Elira Hashani

This program will be developed through direct mentoring, workshops and seminars and teamwork in their actual audits, to be able to apply their skills in practice.

The program consists of six modules and due to the pandemic it will be held on-line mainly for a period of 6-10 months. The training includes lessons and knowledge on performance audit standards, including all audit phases. Participants will also be involved in practical work in all phases of actual auditing – from pre-study, execution, over to reporting – and will simultaneously receive guidance and support from trainers.

The performance audit training program was developed by the Swedish National Audit Office, and with the support of other SAIs has been successfully implemented in the AFROSAI region for many years. This professional training was also held in NAO during 2019, where all performance auditors participated and were certified.

Systematic and standardised trainings, implemented on a regional basis, have proven to be very effective and contribute to the institutionalisation of performance auditing.