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15 February 2017

Press release: Administration of the Program for Treatment of Patients Outside Public Health Institutions

The National Audit Office has published the following performance audit report titled “Administration of the Program for Treatment of Patients Outside Public Health Institutions“.

In order to assist the patients in need who cannot receive treatment within Public Health Institutions, The Ministry of Health established a Program for treatment of patients outside public health institutions (Program), whereby it subsidises medical treatment within and outside the country.

Ministry of Health (MoH) has issued Administrative Instruction (AI no.15/2013) to regulate this issue. Based on this AI, MoH, by its financial opportunities, subsidizes medical treatment of the citizens of Kosovo, diagnosed with diseases that cannot be treated in PHI’s, through the Program for Treating Patients outside PHI’s (Program). The Program offers people medical treatment in private health institutions within the country and in the public and private health institutions abroad. For this purpose, €7.8 million were allocated in 2015, whereas €7.9 mill were allocated for 2014.

The objective of our audit is to assess whether the responsible stakeholders within the Ministry of Health are administering the Program properly and whether the Ministry is meeting the intended purpose for which the Program is established.

During the audit process, we found that: There is no safe database which would avoid interventions in the application order; The Executive Board does not record if applications are examined by priority; there is no defined way to monitor the flow of expenditure of funds allocated for treatment of patients. Such a situation could lead to creation of debts, residual amounts of funds within these clinics and eventually the use of funds for other purposes not as intended.

Based on the audit findings, we concluded that there is room and possibility to improve the current way this program is managed.

We recommended the Minister of Health, in cooperation with the responsible stakeholders involved in the management of the program, to ensure that:

  • Software for recording, management and processing of applicants data is put in place;
  • After the applications are reviewed, Medical Evaluation Committee drafts and formalises a list of names by the date of application/review.
  • A list of health institutions that provide treatment for patients is prepared. Regarding this, MoH should establish a line of communication with all these health institutions, service providers develop ways to monitor the flow how funds are spent.

Full report can be read in our website: