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07 September 2020

Speaker of Parliament receives Auditor General Besnik Osmani


Auditor General Besnik Osmani submitted to Speaker of Parliament Vjosa Osmani-Sadriu the Annual Audit Report for 2019 Annual Financial Statements of the Budget of the Republic of Kosovo.

Osmani was hosted by the Speaker of Parliament in a separate meeting where he informed her about successfully ending the audit year, and the challenges faced with along the process due to the situation created by the pandemic.

“Balancing the needs to protect the auditors’ health and, at the same time, enforcing the mandate by ensuring quality of our work has been challenging. Yet, despite the difficulties we manged to timely submit the Annual Audit Report on 2019 Annual Financial Statements of the Budget of the Republic of Kosovo hereby successfully closing the audit year”, Osmani pointed out.

Amongst others, the Auditor General stated that the evaluation of financial reporting quality, design and effectiveness of internal control systems, and the compliance of the financial transaction with the applicable legislation have been the primary focus of NAO work. Through auditing it has been found that there has been a slight progress as far as financial reporting is concerned, while there are still significant weaknesses and shortcomings in budget execution activities. Many capital projects start with insufficient funds and therefore they are rarely completed in time, while the supervision fails to prevent frequent deviations from the terms stipulated in contracts.

On this occasion, what the Government needs particularly strengthen the financial discipline for, which is absolutely a key challenge, is on the amounts of outstanding liabilities and accounts receivable which have reached high levels, and on asset recording and management which is an issue that has been repeating over years now by marking a poor progress, Auditor General stated.

During 2019 reporting year, there were carried out the audits of 95 budget organisations with a general budget of around 2.5 billion euro, of 14 publicly owned enterprises mainly in area of telecommunication, water supply and waste management, 13 performance audits and of 9 donor-funded projects.

The National Audit Office shall start the new audit year on 15th of September, and we are currently intensively engaged on the 2020/2021 annual work plan.